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About 16 years ago, the company Grotius CNC Machines was founded by Michel, who started as a small entrepreneur and gradually developed to a good technician who completely developed the Grotius machines.
Through continuous application of new techniques and continuous improvements, Grotius CNC Machines has built up a vast customer base in the meanwhile, seeing the appreciation of view and back in the operation of their machines.


The power of the Grotius CNC Machines is that it’s self-developed and manufactured machines so it’s quite easy to customize it to your needs. ”
In this way, each machine is unique and specially built for your work. Because we are on the workplace daily, we know no matter how important it is for machines to work simply, reliably and accurately.
Not only a properly working and custom machine is important, even after delivery we are there for you. This way you will receive a course by default and we will help you further on to get the most out of your machine.