Linux cnc adaptive speed


This Linuxcnc version I have specially made for linux users who want to combine the latest linuxcnc version with the possibility “negative adaptive speed”.






This is linux version : 2.8.0~pre1

Combined with version :

For compiling :

copy and extract linux to your directory name :

— do in the src directory : ( make this file properties executable )
— src/po/ ( make this file properties executable )

> sudo apt-get install dpkg-dev

Then ask your LinuxCNC git checkout to generate its Debian package meta-data:

> cd linuxcnc-dev/debian
> ./configure uspace (maak deze eerst executable bij kopie van usb)
> cd ..

Finally ask dpkg-checkbuilddeps to do its job (note that it needs to run from the linuxcnc-dev directory, not from linuxcnc-dev/debian):

> dpkg-checkbuilddeps

Pakketten install with : apt-get install … … …
Also good to do :  apt-get install update